Becoming an Accredited and Certified Maxicare Agent is easier that you imagine! Yes! As of Feb. 3, I am now Certified and Accredited Maxicare Health Benefit Agent. That means I am authorized to offer and provide Comprehensive yet affordable healthcare Maxicare’s products and services.

I always wonder what is something I can offer which is beneficial to everyone yet very few knows about. I advocate self-love & mental health I went to that route. My mission is to provide an unconditional commitment to families and achieve peace of mind through education and affordable but quality healthcare. Why Maxicare? Because I’ve been their client for almost 10 years now. I personally experience how good their services are.

You might ask maybe I’m just after the commission. I hate to break it to you but no. I could have tried other freelancing jobs as I did in the past which provided me extra $$$ but as you grow wiser and older, you’ll realize it’s not just about the money anymore. And I am being a hypocrite if I say I’m not happy about the monetary rewards I’ll get but that’ll come second only. I guess I’m at the season of my life where peace of mind and how you can help others come first before money. Although I am not discounting the fact that I love making money :).

Anyways, back to my story of becoming an Accredited Maxicare Health Benefit Agent.

I inquired to them last April 2022 but took the Accreditation only in January of this year. If you wanted to become a certified Maxicare agent, attend Business Opportunity talk first. Should you pursue and advance to the next step, then see below:

  1. Attend online accreditation training. You may inquire through email/message them on their Facebook page. As of writing, accreditation is done online for safety reasons but they might conduct face-to-face training anytime soon. You need to pay the Accreditation fee P1000 or P1800 and submit the requirements.

The fee includes the following. For P1000 (Agent’s ID, Business Cards, EReady Titanium valued at P839. For P1800, everything in the P1000 package plus Maxicare product flyers, product manual, laptop bag, and Polo Shirt)

There are other options such as Agency Unit Head and Agency Unit Manager but I just applied for Healthcare Benefit Agent.

After paying and submitting all the requirements, you will need to attend the 2-day online (google meet) accreditation. 9AM-5PM is the training schedule.

Topics discussed were company profile, mission, vision and milestones.

You will have the exam on the second day. At least 85% is required to pass the exam. Otherwise, you’ll retake on the next training schedule. If you still fail the 2nd attempt, you will re-apply after 6 months.

The coverage is of course, what you’ve discussed and there’s a review so don’t worry about you failing.

2. After passing the accreditation, you will accomplish the Service Agreement as Healthcare Benefit Agent . Accomplish this as soon as possible. Here’s my score:

Please see below my own timeline.

  • April 2022 – Inquire about how to become Maxicare Agent via email
  • Jan 18 – Pay accreditation FEE of P1000
  • Jan 20-21 – Attended accreditation training and took the exam
  • Jan 22 – Confirmed I passed the exam. Received the HBA Service Agreement
  • Jan 23 – Signed the HBA Service Agreement
  • Jan 24 – Received Phase 1 Preparing to become a Maxicare Agent module
  • Jan 26 – Completed 4 of our 4 assessments. Start planning on the video presentation. Due on 2/1
  • Feb. 1 – Received an email from the trainer on “Maxicare Accreditation Status (Endorsed for Coding)” I am already for encoding. 🙂 Continuation of Modules (5-7)
  • Feb 3. Completed and turned in google assignments
  • Feb 3: Same day got my Congratulatory Letter that I am now an Accredited Maxicare Agent and received a welcome email from the Agency Unit Manager
How to Become an Accredited and Certified Maxicare Agent
Accredited and Certified Maxicare Agent


1. SUBMIT AND ENDORSE. Recruiters (AUH & AUM) should submit and endorse the COMPLETE REQUIREMENTS of their recruited applicants to for validation. Walk-in applicants will submit their requirements directly to

2. VALIDATE AND CONFIRM. The Accreditation Team will validate the completeness of the requirements and confirm if the applicant has any lacking requirements or if the applicant may proceed to the next step of the accreditation process.

3. PAY AND REGISTER. Confirm applicants should pay the accreditation fee amounting to PHP 1,800 or PHP 1,000 through BDO (Account Number: 002-530-084-714). Next, register via the registration form. Once done, virtual training will be sent.

4. ATTEND THE VIRTUAL ACCREDITATION TRAINING. Attend and complete the 2-day Accreditation training, and pass the accreditation exam.

Now that I am coded as Maxicare agent, I’m ready to be your healthcare partner. Let me assist you in getting a plan that’s tailored fit and customized according to your needs. Send me an email at

You can also message me on my facebook account or text me at 0969 535 4811 for FREE Consultation! I do have a youtube channel as well but as of writing, it doesn’t have any content yet 🙂

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